Thuria Bevheb

Affluent water merchant, Son of the Quesessa


Race: Watersoul Genasi
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Thuria is a genasi with some clout in Uhma, even if he doesn’t use it. As son of the Quesessa Aida Bevheb, he is considered a prince in many respects. Eschewing the trappings of this privileged life, Thuria set about to be his own man and has since founded a large water trading company.

Taking a keen interest in the history of the world, it was of little surprise he instantly connected himself to the party after discovering they had a dwarf named Bokonon. Offering up his place to stay while the party was in Uhma, Thuria has assisted the party with information and contacts during their hunt for the weapons thief.

An energetic and highly inquisitive genasi, Thuria is always on the lookout for Dwarven artifacts, long since lost after The Perishing. Though highly resourceful, Thuria is still considered a child by those that know him, due in no small part to his innocent and seemingly naive nature. They are mostly right…

Thuria Bevheb

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