Guild Confederacy
Ruled by The Seven
Trading Mecca

If Ginko doesn’t have it, it doesn’t exist. As a trading mecca located at the crossroads of Hana’sur, every kind of good imaginable, both legal and otherwise, can be bought, sold, or traded in Ginko. Located in the center of the Great Waste and equidistant from each genasi city-state, Ginko has the sole distinction of being under the control of the other races of Hana’sur. A place plagued by sweltering heat, crushing masses, and an active criminal underbelly, Ginko offers up the best and worst of Hana’sur.

Originally the Leviathans were the only means of conveyance for goods. Shortly after the discovery of the Leviathans, the city-states waged a war with one another to control these marvelous creations. It wasn’t long until the intersection of the lines became the most heavily contested area. Scores of lives were lost battling for this desolate patch of desert. It wasn’t until a stalemate was evident that the city-states decided to place the region under the control of an entity outside of the influence of the city-states. What had been initially envisioned as a Council governed by a representative from each city-state quickly became a Guild Confederacy controlled by the other races of Hana’sur. Something that the city-states have not forgotten…

Ginko has neither raw resources to exploit or a strong manufacturing platform to produce goods. Instead, the city is nothing more than a trading hub for the other six city-states. As all the Leviathan lines run through the area Ginko occupies, it was only natural for the city to facilitate the trading of goods. Every good bought or sold in the city is excised with a tax which goes into the city coffers.

It wasn’t long before the Leviathan routes maxed out in capacity. The other city-states saw their chance and began development of Ifriti and Typhoons in order to circumvent Ginko. This worked for a time, but the crafty Guild Confederacy quickly constructed an expansive Typhoon dock and offered protection services to any Ifriti caravans that would bring goods to Ginko. Once again undercutting the plans set forth by the city-states, Ginko has complete control of all trade in Hana’sur and as before, the tension between the city-states and Ginko is palpable.

The Guild Confederacy is a loose affiliation of the various guilds that operate in Ginko. the Confederacy consists of a member of each guild and each with one vote. This group of representatives handle all matters pertaining to the operation of the city. Though their most power is wielded in one aspect, taxes. It is said that as the taxes in Ginko go, so too does the prosperity of Hana’sur. The Guild Confederacy has very stringent rules on what is considered a guild and an extensive application process that a guild must undergo in order to have a representative in the Confederacy. There is one unspoken rule though, no genasi. There are goblins, elves, half-orcs, and even a dwarf. In fact, goblins have the greatest racial representation in the Confederacy.

The current Seven have brought taxes to an all-time low in order to spurn extra trade. This gamble has paid off as Ginko has never before in its history seen so much trade traffic. The coffers are overflowing with gold and the city is in a little Golden Age. While the Seven have no true leader, the spokesman for the Confederacy is actually the female half-orc Agora Shelur. Considered a genius of economics and urban planning, Agora has overseen the transformation of Ginko from a lucrative trading post to a world player that has the wealth and influence to rival the rest of the city-states combined. In Ginko, no one messes with Agora…

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