Grixel Sprigglespluggs XIV

The goblin artificer with a love of 'splosions and shinies.


Grixel is a scrawny goblin from the Goblin Collective of Ginko. Goblin collectives are Redeemers- they scavenge the wastes for salvage materials. Grixel isn’t particularly good at this. He would much rather stay in a temperature controlled workshop, making gadgets and things that produce good explosions.

But he got caught up in that pirate raid against the Leviathan. And ever since they’ve failed to save that girl in the stasis chamber, Grixel’s every action has been to try to find her again. And if that means tiptoeing around touchy politics in Uhma, then so be it.

He’s fried if he goes back to Ginko, anyhow.

Grixel Sprigglespluggs XIV

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