Watersoul Genasi Theocracy
Ruled by Quessesa Aida
Prime Export: Water

Nicknamed “The City of Life”, Uhma stands out from the other city-states as it is the only city with access to fresh water. This unique aspect has set Uhma apart in not only the sheer amount of exports from the city, but the tremendous amount of wealth that has poured into the city.

Owing to the fact that Uhma has a massive export volume, the city has the largest port outside of Ginko. The number of Leviathans leaving the city quickly reached its maximum capacity. Within the last few years however, an expansive Typhoon docking tower was constructed to accommodate more exports through the air.

The city also is home to the Great Mosque of Thalath. Not only does this make Uhma the center of physical life in Hana’sur, but the center of spiritual life as well. The city plays host to numerous pilgrims throughout the year and is host to many of the festivals celebrated. Needless to say, Uhma is a busy city.

The city is governed by Aida Bevheb. As Uhma is a theocracy, she is also the Quessesa of Thalath. The Quessesa’s rule is not absolute however. While she is the head of the religion and the governance of Uhma, there is also a Sacred College that advises the Quessesa. Traditionally, the Sacred College is placed in control of the day-to-day affairs of the city and religious exercises, but many Quessesas still are deeply involved and briefed on the activity in the city. In extreme cases, the Sacred College can dismiss the Quessesa if they believe she is not acting in the best interest of the city or the religion. To date, this has never been done.

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