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Hana’sur is a post-apocalyptic world that is little more than a desolate, barren wasteland. Dominated by desert and badlands, Hana’sur is an unforgiving land. Yet dotted among the vast deserts are eight points of civilization. The seven great genasi city-states and the trading mecca of Ginko. While many races call Hana’sur home, after The Perishing, the genasi have positioned themselves as the dominant race. Using their influence and control, they have rebuilt Hana’sur into their image. An image that is beginning to tarnish.

Fragments of the previous civilizations still remain, buried under the shifting sands of the Great Waste. Only one relic survived unscathed though, a complex system of power crystals that ran in a seven pointed star system. It wasn’t until a Leviathan was unearthed that the true intent of the crystal pads were discovered. The Leviathans and the power pads serve as a high-speed transportation system. It was by utilizing the Leviathan that the genasi were able to quickly and safely build eight magnificent city-states.

The cities as they currently exist are:









Main Page

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