Earthsoul Genasi Democracy
Ruled by President R’iys
Prime Export: Raw Minerals and Smelted Metals

Of the seven city-states, none rival the sheer amount of raw resources available to its populace like that of Elrohda. The city is located near many rich seams of materials that burrow down into the planet. Due to the prominent position of mining in Elrohda’s economy, the city’s population is mostly employed in a field that is directly related to mining or the processing of the ores. As such, the city’s society is weighted heavily toward the working class.

The city’s economy is primarily exports, though it does import heavy Ifriti on a large scale. Every city-state except Uhma imports their materials from Elrohda. Similar to Uhma, the Leviathan ports quickly became maxed out on shipping traffic. This has necessitated the creation of high capacity Ifriti to transport the metals and materials. These heavy lifting Ifriti have a larger carrying capacity than Typhoons, but are slower and more prone to attack. This has provided many a job as a caravan guard to many budding young adventurers.

While lacking in the finer things as some of the other city-states, Elrohda has an impressive industrial sector. Huge smelters burn day and night to churn out product for the manufacturing heavy city-states of Hari’uk, Elremnaya, and Yyah. The smoke and steam belched out from these smelters can be seen from miles off. A wide variety of heavy equipment from Elremnaya aides in the mining efforts. Though don’t let the city’s soot and smoke deceive you. There is a greener side to Elrohda. A side of it that is facing a bleak concept of overwhelming industry. While it is true that the mineral wealth of Elrohda is key to its prosperity, this prosperity has not come without a cost.

While the impact of the heavy smelting and mining cannot be ignored, there is still beauty to be found in Elrohda. The city has invested heavily in a sprawling earthen park. Thanks to the recent discovery of a cache of preserved seeds, the city has begun attempting to introduce a variety of greenery. The first successful plantings of grasses has been met with poor results. Many plants quickly become afflicted by a gradual decay. Despite these unusual happenings, many Elrohdans are optimistic that in the not too distant future, the world can be covered in green once again.

Elrohda is a democratic city-state lead by President R’iys Atassi. Having been elected to the office of President ten years ago, President Atassi has been at the forefront of the industrial expansion. Seen by many as an ambitious leader, R’iys brokered many of the trade deals that helped place Elrohda at the center of the raw materials trade. Constantly pushing for expansion of the mining and industrial sectors, R’iys has made many powerful friends, and a considerable fortune as well.

Not everyone is pleased with this recent push for industry. A growing faction of the populace have been calling for a curtailment of the mining expansion. They argue that the city is already producing enough materials and that taxing the planet further could have unintended consequences. Lead by the magnanimous Maeed Turesh, this faction have taken up the name of Hana’sur’s Hope. In recent years, their faction formed as a political party and won a third of the seats in the House of All during the last election. Labeled as an extreme minority by some, their clout and sway can no longer be ignored.


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