Session 6
The Noble House of Shem'esah

As the orb descended into the liquid, Grixel sensed a new arcane signature and a sense of apprehension. Liquid orb begins to rise again, a fetal figure inside. A sunsoul genasi emerged; the protector of the house of Shem’esah. The party learned he is an angel; an immortal manifestation of a diety.

When he saw Nimrais, he approached her and offered her his hands. When she took his hand, her appearance changed for a moment to a sunsoul genasi. He touched each of them in turn and each experienced an epiphany.

Athia saw a healed world, Bokonan learned of more dwarves, Grixel saw himself a hero, Nimrais saw two things weighted on a scale (decaying world and a slowly fading world with a last second point of light).

Before he left, he wrote on the ceiling in light, “My role is done, my charge protected. This world is your responsibility now. Only when the elemental chaos has been calmed can this world be restored.” He begins to quickly age, then fades away into smoke.

The party hears something coming from the direction they had come from. They hurried into the next room with four tombs and a pit of goo. A room set up to play the popular goblin game Skull Skull.

On a plaque (tombstone?) in the room, was written “Here lies the noble house of Shem’esah” plus four names: “Ashour, Esam, Minna, and Safa.” On each coffin was a large sun emblem.

The next room was a clean, simple room with a giant stone that rolled over everyone. The wizard in the room shouted, “Kraggle must be warned!”

Grixel realized the room was an illusion- not a clean simple room, but a room of gore and decay. Many different races; the gore is several months old.

And a Klaxon sounds.

Session 5

The party was led into the guard barracks and spotted a blue & green haired genasi leaving. After a brief time of interrogation, a rumbling was heard and a magical explosion caused a huge chasm to open up beneath everyone, including most of the temple

No one but the party survived the 50 ft. fall. A cobblestone road was found, which led to the ruined dwarven city of Bok’Thurok. After the dwarves, genasi had inhabited the city, but it has since fallen into myth; even the known location had been lost.

Fresh footprints were found, leading deeper into the heart of the city. Goblin cackles, closing in. The party was up against a door with a keyhole which mimicked the designs of a genasi hand. Nimrais managed to open it.

Inside was a room with four coloured basins in each corner, a basin of red liquid at the entrance, a pool of water in the center, and a statue, which greeted the party and said they were in the house of Shem’esah, and that a toll must be paid. A red vase was revealed from the red liquid basin. The liquid had to be poured from the vase into each of the surrounding basins in the order of the seasons. The riddle was completed and Bokonon took the vase as they exited the room.

A hall led to another room with a dais in the center of a large orb and golden lights. A plaque said that here lay the guardian (hero?) of the city. Grixel showed interest. The orb lit with runes and began to spin. He touched it and saw a brief vision of what was inside. A klaxon began to slowly and steadily sound, coming from inside the orb.

NOTE: Totally not sure how to spell Bok’Thurok. DM, help?

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