Memoirs of Miri Mohja: pg 4
Session #3

The boy and Kilka are safe! Thank Thalath! I was so worried. Queso and Calembel have recovered nicely too. Thar’gul wanted us to get some tetrahedron for him, said he will pay a lot. I need the money for my family. I’ll do whatever it takes. He also told us about a water problem. People are getting really sick in the city. Water should be safe and tasty. I want to do what I can to make it so.

I spoke up despite my nerves. Unexpectedly, no one turned my idea down. They agreed that we should fix this problem. It made me feel…important…strong.

I regretted my decision the minute we got down in the sewers. This is the nastiness thing I have ever done. I’m constantly gagging. I can hear the floor slurp! SLURP! Floors are NOT supposed to slurp!

This place is cursed! Kilka died today in battle! Kilka! She was the strongest one of us! And now we’re stuck here. We can’t leave. We can only find the source of the corruption and fix it, otherwise Kilka died for nothing.

Nasr is not taking it well. My heart aches for him. I want to comfort him, but I can tell that he needs his space. I do what I can to make sure her body stays fresh so that Nasr can give her a proper burial once we get out of here.

I hate this place. It’s my fault she’s dead. I shouldn’t have suggested we do this.

Session #3
Enter the Deep

Detailed Recap (TL;DR at the bottom):

After stopping for supplies, the party visits the organization that controls the water flow. The receptionist explains that the water becomes corrupted once put into the cistern, and negative effects have ranged from mild to deadly. The team accepts the job of heading down into the drained cisterns and investigating the cause of the corruption. The receptionist also mentions a notebook recovered from the cisterns, which mentions a giant creature.

The party sets out for the sewers, asking for information on the way. One woman shares a rumor of a mechanism that will point the way to help, but all other attempts to gather information meet with varying levels of failure. The party decides to embark into the cistern.

As they go into the depths, they notice there are no guards, and the doors are open. Upon entering a large room, they see light in a nearby corridor. When Calembel goes to check it out, the ground drops out from beneath her, dropping her into a pool of putrid water. Kilka goes to help her, but falls in herself. As the source of the light grows closer, Calembel notices stairs and swims toward them while Kilka grabs onto the rope. Unfortunately, Nasr, Miri, and Queso are not strong enough to pull her out, and the whole party falls into the water.

Upon reaching the stairs, the party looks up to see some shadowy figures looking down into the hole. They have lizard-like features, but are unlike anything the party has seen, and speak in an unfamiliar tongue. They leave, and the party embarks into the room the stairs lead up to. In it are two dead guards, their tongues swollen to the point where it blocked off their air supply. The party identifies the wheel the old woman spoke of in town, with Dwarven characters written on it. When turned, the wheel indicates a false wall, and the party goes through into a canal of disgusting water.

Unfortunately, Miri quickly manages to blow up the canal, revealing the flammable nature of the gunk. Finding keys on a guard’s body, the party progresses through one of the doors, their way lit by the burning canal, until they come across another wheel. It indicates northwest and southwest, and unsure of its intention, the party moves on to the left. They come across a stone dragon head dispensing exceptionally meta golden liquid. Miri and Queso fill containers with it, and the statues’ eyes light up. Noticing the jaw is hinged, the party moves on rather than continuing to take the liquid.

As they move on, they come across another wheel, but it points northwest as well as northeast, and the party once again moves on, unsure as to what it means. They soon come to a small room with a chest that slams shut as soon as they enter. Behind it is a blindfolded statue of an ancient god of reptilian life, no longer worshipped. After a few attempts to keep the lid open, Queso manages to get a key out of the writhing mass of maggots inside.

The key unlocks a door in the room, allowing the party to continue on into a large room. It contains three statues identical to the one in the smaller room, each holding lit torches and facing a chest in the center of the room. Once they all enter the room, the chest opens and an inordinate amount of water begins flowing out. With mighty roars, seven manticores emerge from behind curtains.

As the water rises, the party battles the manticores. After a few manticores fall, Kilka throws Nasr up to the top of the pillar where the chest is, in hopes he can force it closed. Queso blindfolds a statue, trying to replicate the effect of the other room. After managing to temporarily close the chest, stopping the water flow for a time, Nasr jumps to another statue and blindfolds it. He then tries to go past the curtains to see if anything would help, but encounters only a plaque with a useless riddle: “Locusts swarm where toads abide.”

Kilka goes down, and Queso, Miri, and Calembel work on taking down the remaining manticores. Nasr jumps back across the pillar and dives into the water, working his way to Kilka, but she succumbs to her wounds and dies before he can reach her. In a rage, Nasr rushes toward the final manticore, but Miri’s thought servant destroys it before he can reach it. Nasr nevertheless hacks at it with his sword, screaming in rage as tears stream freely down his face. Queso checks to confirm Kilka is dead, and mourns as Miri carefully walks up to Nasr and puts a comforting hand on his shoulder…

The party entered the cistern to investigate the water corruption. The source has not yet been found, an an encounter with manticores resulted in Kilka’s death.

Memoirs of Miri Mohja: pg 3
Session #2

Queso Taganskaya, Kilka, Nasr, and Calembel. Half-elf, orc, water genasi (child, nonetheless), and elf (a real full-blooded elf!).

Those are the names of the people I have suddenly been thrown together with. I don’t know how this all happened. I was just supposed to sell the new batch of rose water. How did I get mixed up in this mess?

Queso seems nice. I feel safe with him. He seems to know what he’s doing, while I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Even the other elf, Calembel, though she is quiet, she is even holding her own. Kilka and Nasr left us. I don’t feel comfortable letting the child fight, but he seems strong despite his age and Kilka is… well, she is something else entirely. She looks like she could take on a legion all on her own. I get the feeling they’ve been together for some time, and she seems like she can take care of herself and a few others if need be.

They all seem to have this innate sense of duty. A drive to help and fight people who try to harm others. I wish I had that. I want to be brave like them. Maybe if I hang around them long enough, that heroic-ness will rub off on me a bit too. Maybe then I could help pull my family from debt.

The fire soul escaped. Stupid fire soul genasi! Always think their goals are the most important!

I went with Queso and Calembel to stop her…again. But things went wrong, really wrong. Someone showed up and started to help the stupid fire soul! Queso and Calembel fell. I was so scared I ran to find help. There was no way I could stop them both on my own.

Queso and Calembel are stable and recovering. Ava and Brindol got away, but I could care less about them right now. I’m doing what I can to help the elves, which isn’t much, but Queso seems to like my artisan water. He keeps drinking it and smiling. I’ll give him as much as he likes as long as he gets better.

I sent word to Kilka and Nasr. I just have to make sure that boy is all right. He’s the only other water soul I know here, besides my mother.

Thar’gul paid us. A lot… I’ve never seen so much money. When I get the chance, I will take it to my mother.

Session #2
Fight or Flight

Queso, Calembel, and Miri pursued Ava through the streets of Elrohda, gaining on her slowly. When she ducked into a building, they followed her inside. Ava was cornered, and turned to fight. She spawned fire minions to attack the team.

Meanwhile, Kilka and Nasr arrived at the burning refinery, but were blocked from entrance by a mysterious man in armor. Their attempts to intimidate or dissuade him were ultimately unsuccessful, and Kilka began the fight, covering for Nasr to go help those in the refinery. When he was injured and in trouble, the armored man, Thiel, summoned an armored sentinel.

Ava began her assault on the other party, attacking the team once her fire minions were quickly dealt with. After a while of battling, Brindol arrived on the scene and joined the fray against the party. Calembel managed to make the killing strike, reducing Ava to a pile of ash with a powerful blow.

Kilka and Nasr tried to retreat, and Kilka managed to knock Thiel unconscious. But one of Thiel’s slime minions gave its life force to him, reviving him, and the Sentinel used a hook attack to pull Kilka back to him. Kilka shouted to Nasr to continue his escape, pleading with him to take care of the orphans if she didn’t make it out. Nasr reluctantly conceded.

Back with the other three, Brindol let out a foreboding laugh before transforming into his ascended form. He downed Calembel and Queso simultaneously with a powerful burst before moving on to Miri, while Ava’s ashes began to reform. Though injured, Miri managed to escape.

Kilka attempted to move away from the sentinel, and though it attacked and injured her in the process, she managed to run away. Meeting again at the orphanage, Kilka and Nasr share a tearful reunion they had been unsure would ever happen.

Miri, gathering her courage, brought a healer to Queso and Calembel after Ava and Brindol left, and managed to save them. While Queso and Calembel recovered in the nearby barracks, Miri sent a letter to Kilka’s orphanage, inquiring about her and Nasr and giving their location.

As Kilka and Nasr were going to meet them, Thar’Gul arrived to give them a monetary reward for protecting his factories. Kilka and Nasr arrived at the barracks soon after to see the others, who had not yet fully recovered, but were healed and doing well. Kilka shared the money among them all before Thar’Gul showed up again, intending to offer them a slightly shady, tightly (and magically) binding job. Many changes to the contract were required, but they eventually agreed to enter one of Thar’Gul’s mines, defeat some mysterious aggressors, and recover a tetrahedron from its depths.

He also told them of a few interesting things to follow up on, including:

1. Investigate the corruption of water in a storage facility
2. Escort some goblin redeemers to a specific location
3. Help a university professor acquire some sort of relic
4. Investigate why children are going missing from a refinery

Memoirs of Miri Mohja: pg 2
Session #1

Today was…different.

I don’t know how else to describe it. Exciting. Dangerous. Extraordinary. These just don’t seem to cut it.

I got lost. I’ve never been the best at directions, but this time I mucked it up pretty bad.

I ended up on the other side of town that I should have been. I was just trying to find the post to make sure my letter to the University was successfully sent. I made a wrong turn, or maybe two. Anyways, I found myself suddenly in the industrial area of the city, among the smelters and mines.

There was a sudden boom, and the fire. Fire everywhere. I’ve never seen so much. People were screaming…burning. The smell…

I wanted to run, to even shut my eyes, but something kept me looking. It was horrible.

Panic. Utter panic.

A man grabbed my arm. I thought he was going to pull me away from the danger, and I was thankful, so thankful. But he didn’t. He pulled me toward it all. I tried to get away, but for a scrawny half-elf he was pretty strong.

There were others running into the fray as everyone else ran away. They looked so brave. No one was dragging them. Even a child, a water soul like me, had more bravery than I did.

People were trapped inside where the explosion happened. We were going to help them. I didn’t want to. I’m not cut out for this kind of stuff. I think I threw up somewhere along the way. The smell was…strong.

The half-elf slapped some sense into me, told me to snap out of it. People were going to die. I saw the water soul child start to charge into the flames along with an orc. I didn’t want anyone else to die today. So I did it, I don’t know how, but I mustered what courage I possessed and made a water wall. Simple thing on a normal day. Not so simple with a blazing fire just on the other side. The smothering heat was like nothing I had ever experienced.

I’m not good for much, but I could protect them as they saved the others. I knew I could do that.

No one else died. Thank Thalath! We found the cause of the explosion. A fire soul. She’s with the authorities now.

I just want to go home.

Memoirs of Miri Mohja

Today has not been the best of days, clearly, since I have suddenly taken up the pastime of journaling. An odd activity, and a very personal one. I feel as if someone is looking over my shoulder as I do this, making the whole experience very uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I need someone to talk to, even if it is just myself.

I’m on my first business trip (Yay!) to Elrhoda. Father pretty much shoved me out of U’ hma. Mother seemed anxious to be leaving Father behind, since he is usually the one who makes these trips while Mother stays at home to man the main shop. He muttered something about experiences and how they make us stronger. Honestly, I was too excited to listen. The University is on break, and though I would have loved to spend my time with Emere, I just couldn’t pass this up.

My excitement vanished quickly when the walls of Elrhoda came into view. Mother informed me that our family was in serious debt, and that is why Father stayed behind, to clear it up. Apparently, and unbeknownst to me, we have been in debt for ten years! TEN YEARS! And this is the first time they have mentioned anything about it to me! I’m twenty, for Thalath’s sake!

Needless to say, I sent my letter of resignation to the University this afternoon. I will no longer burden my family with my education.

Session 11
Tut-tut Throwdown

After arriving at Wadihause, the party was greeted with Tut-tuts: Wadi’s egg-shaped automaton servants (or children). The party dined with Wadi and some even danced with Wadi.

Wadi offered to transport the party out of Waditown and back to the surface if they helped get rid of someone who bothers him/her. Eventually, Wadi agreed that killing wasn’t necessary, and simply removing this person from Waditown would be sufficient. Each party member was forced to sign a contract.

Wadi set everyone up in guest rooms (each with its own tut-tut), though Athia was unwilling to sleep alone, and joined Grixel. He set up an alarm bot, and the tut-tut started shifting over to it until it stood next to it. And then destroyed it. Grixel fixed it, and immediately the same thing started happening. Soon, a horde of tut-tuts waited outside the door, trying to get in.

Loud music started to play, and the tut-tuts started to have a dance party.

Wadi broke up the dance party, Grixel deactivated his alarm, and things quieted down. In the morning, the party made their way to the location of the unknown person. They found a statue of a woman with a crystal embedded in her chest. Once the crystal was taken, the party was transported to another plane. Eight pedestals in the outline of a square, four of which acted as teleportation circles. And then appeared an angelic being by the name of Ahron, supposed foe of Wadi.

Session 10

The sounds of metal dragging against the ground grew louder as the party waited in the small study. Bokonon charged out to find himself facing a giant, hulking abomination. (I think we named him Friendly Fred.) More waves of monsters joined into the fray from doors to the left and right of the hall.

Screen shot 2013 03 02 at 9.00.27 pm

Tetronal: physically impossible crystalline structure (like the concept of a philosopher’s stone)

The layout of the city is different than what Elianas recalled.

The party met a very peculiar being (of undetermined gender) called “Wadi.” Wadi claims that this is “Waditown,” and s/he agreed to take the party to “Wadihause.”

When questioned about the glowing veins on Wadi’s arms, which seemed like a genasi trait, Wadi said that Wadi is simply Wadi, and had never heard of a genasi before.

Session 8
Does this one have a soul?

Abridged Summary

The party follows the tracks of the construct to a large building of higher education, passing through a labrotory and into a large, bright metal room with several constructs (who attack) and an elf-like creature suspended in a large arcana field. Power is diverted away from the field and the elf is released, helping the party defeat the constructs. He discovers a cloaked woman who recognizes him, but a moment after she is nearly fatally stabbed by one of the constructs. The woman has the seal of his house (and the city-state of Elrohda) embroidered on it.

All but Athia and the unconscious woman head towards the room which all power is being diverted to, which ends up being a large room with countless stasis pods, each one filled with the mysterious little girl. Grixel tries to take one out in an attempt to save at least one before power is lost. She screams and immediately dies. An alarm goes off, an elvish voice drones, “Purge Commencing,” and the party barely escapes before the room is destroyed in a massive inferno. But they can hear the sound of metal footsteps drawing near.

Full Summary

Following the tracks for the construct led the party out of the manor and back to the abandoned city of Bok’Thurok. They decide to cease the chase for the night and make camp. Grixel discovers what Bokonon did back in the throne room and opts to sleep detached from the main campsite.

After a somewhat restful sleep, the party continues to follow the tracks. In the ceiling, about half a mile up, they can barely spot an incredible expanse of raw crystals (used for making power crystals). Unable to harvest them, they continue.

The tracks lead to a large building of dwarven and elven make, which seems to be an institute of higher learning. The lobby adjoins with an east and west wing, and a pair of double doors straight ahead. In the reception area, Grixel finds a dwarven statuette. The tracks lead towards the right wing, so the party opts to follow them.

They are led into a labratory type space, and hear a distant crackling sound. This leads to a room full of rows of ingredients for experimental purposes. Athia gets help in getting a locked area open (after failed thievery checks, Bokonon helps by breaking it open). An alarm immediately sounds, and Athia manages to gather three health poultices before continuing on after the tracks.

They finally lead to a large, bright, metal room. In the center is a large, crackling arcane field, an elven-like figure suspended within it. On the back wall are three large vats of green liquid, and six constructs guard the room.

As power begins to be diverted away from the arcane field, the elf (who we now see is slightly different from normal elves, including his glowing, pupil-less green eyes) begins to regain consciousness until the field releases its hold on him. Athia convinces him to help us fight. The constructs hesitate before they attack Elianas (the elf).

In an adjacent control room, a woman in black robes is discovered when Elianas blows a hole through the wall. She recognizes him, but before anything can be learned, another construct enters the room and stabs her.

After the battle, Athia is able to stabilize the woman with the golden liquid from her flask. The party meets Elianas, learning that he was from before the Perishing, knew what trees were, and had been out of commission for 222 years.

On the black robes of the woman is the seal of Elrohda, the earthsoul genasi city state. And also the house crest of Elianas, who says he was from Silthrim.

Elianas learns that power is being drained from this facility to support a single room, and the party goes to investigate, leaving Athia with the still unconscious woman.

The room is filled with stasis pods. The stasis pods are all filled with the mysterious little girl. Each one is in deep hibernation, hooked into the pod via cables connected to her spine. Knowing the cords were not affecting the stasis of the girls, but thinking this also meant they weren’t life support, Grixel removed the first girl from her pod. She screamed. And died. An alarm sounded, as well as an elvish voice saying, “Purge Commensing.”

The party barely escapes just as the doors slam closed and and inferno is set ablaze inside the room. And in the distance, the sound of metal feet approaching.

Session 7

The gore room has primarily fire and water genasi, in addition to a few goblins, elves and humans. Amongst them is a Hari’uk captain, who has three parchments on his person: two letters and a map.

The party leaves the gore room through the broken doors to head deeper into the manor. In the next room, Grixel senses malevolent arcane.

The party manages a surprise round on a group of goblins.
Screen shot 2013 01 26 at 8.57.40 pm

Once the leader, Kraggle, is killed, he shouts, “You’ve disrupted my plans! She will kill me!” and mentions something about a “key” just before he dies.

A stasis pod is discovered in the center of the miasma (much like the one the girl had been in on the train). Inside are the skeletal remains of the little girl, her clothes embroidered with a six pointed star. At each of the points is a symbol representing six elements.

“Night must end; day must break; it is key to the vault of the sun.”

Kraggle’s axe acts as a key in the back of the throne; once inserted, the statues say, “It has begun!”

Each of the seals begins to lower, and the stasis chamber fills with miasma. Athia and Bokonon say on the seals as they go down, which soon begin to fill with golden, healing liquid. The same liquid begins to fill the stasis chamber, rebuilding the little girl.

Bokonon empties his flask of the goop from the gore room in order to refill it with the healing liquid. The goop contaminates the golden liquid, including that which is being used to rebuild the girl. The process is altered, and she breaks out as something unintended. The party begins to attack her as Grixel tries to stop them, but she manages to enter into the chest cavity of the sentry and escape.


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