A 12-year old swordmage raised in Kilka's orphanage


I was orphaned since before I can really remember. I grew up in the streets until I was taken in by a factory worker. He promised me a better life in exchange for some work in one of the Ifriti factories, and I thought it sounded pretty good. But by the time I realized my mistake, I was working all day and sleeping on the floor of the factory at night.

I spent four years in that place. I was constantly sick and in danger of factory accidents (I did see plenty of those, narrowly escaped a couple). In what free time I could fine, I practiced my swordfighting and my magical skills. I discovered my magical abilities soon after being put in the factory, and I took up swordfighting as a way to defend myself against some of the more aggressive kids in the factory with me (though I didn’t really have any swords, just poles, pipes, and other items of the right size and shape).

Since these were basically my only two hobbies, I began developing them in tandem, finding ways to combine my magic and my swordplay. Once, I saved one of my friends from a falling piece of equipment by using me Aegis of Assault to teleport to him and pull him out of the way, and it was then that I started contemplating escape. My skills were good enough, I reasoned.

Unfortunately, my escape attempt did not go well. Well, I guess I did alright, but I didn’t get far out of the factory before the guards finally caught me. I knocked a good few of them out, at least.

It was a few days later that a woman came to me late one night. She told me she saw me as I nearly escaped. Said she could help me get out. I asked if my friends could get out too, but she said it was too dangerous. The guards were still on edge after my escape attempt, and she could only get me out right now. So I went with her.

Kilka took me in at her orphanage, along with a lot of other children she had rescued from places like my factory. She ran a sword shop too, so I finally got to practice with real swords. She helped me train for a few weeks before I asked if we could go save some more of my friends. So we did. Every week or two, we would go in and get one of my friends out of the factory.

Since then, I’ve finally been able to just enjoy my life. Though I’ve been through a lot, I’ve taken advantage of the last few years of my life to be a kid again. I’m more skilled with a blade than ever, and I have had to use it on occasion when things get serious, but more often than not, I now act like the kid I never got to be.


Hana'sur Thaius