Half-orc weaponsmith. Protective, jovial, almost fearless.


Half-Orc Fighter (Weaponmaster)


Name: Kilka
Gender: Female
Race: Half-orc (firesoul genasi in lineage)
Class: Fighter (weaponmaster)
Age: 39
Height: 6’2"
Build: Muscular
Hair: Black, very course, long
Eyes: Black, though the left one is cloudy
Skin: Greyish, faint red markings in flowing yet angular patterns, significant scarring on her left side.
Other features: High, pronounced cheekbones, square jaw, very small upward pointing tusk-like fangs. Left arm is an articulated metal prosthetic.
Profession: Ex-military, currently an arms smith and dealer
Personality: Jovial and easygoing, but fiercely protective over children, the weak, and people who have gained her trust.
Goals: Settle down and focus on the orphanage.
Likes: Strong tea, a quiet night reading a good book, the feel of a perfectly balanced weapon.
Dislikes: Vulgar language, blood on her skin, bad manners.


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