Wild Elf Fighter (slayer)


Calembel is a wild elf. Wild elves are self-isolationists by choice.They do not consort with members of other races and believe all others to generally be wrong about everything. As a result of being so isolated, she is a particularly curious, though shy person. It is a known practice that if a wild elf speaks or shows any remote interests in anyone other than a fellow wild elf, they shall be cast out of the society. Because Calembel is a very curious individual, she frequently takes off to explore her surroundings and learn about other cultures and peoples. Due to her wanderings, she has been cast out by her kin.
Calembel is forced to provide for herself even though she is unequipped and unprepared. All she has now is the pack on her back, her trusty weapons, and a curiosity that is begging to be fed. Due to improvisation (and hunger), Calembel has become a particularly good pickpocket. You can find such interesting things in the pockets if the rich.
It was curiosity and an itch for a good pocket picking that leads Calembel to the city of Elrohda. That and rumors of an excellent park.



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