Session 11

Tut-tut Throwdown

After arriving at Wadihause, the party was greeted with Tut-tuts: Wadi’s egg-shaped automaton servants (or children). The party dined with Wadi and some even danced with Wadi.

Wadi offered to transport the party out of Waditown and back to the surface if they helped get rid of someone who bothers him/her. Eventually, Wadi agreed that killing wasn’t necessary, and simply removing this person from Waditown would be sufficient. Each party member was forced to sign a contract.

Wadi set everyone up in guest rooms (each with its own tut-tut), though Athia was unwilling to sleep alone, and joined Grixel. He set up an alarm bot, and the tut-tut started shifting over to it until it stood next to it. And then destroyed it. Grixel fixed it, and immediately the same thing started happening. Soon, a horde of tut-tuts waited outside the door, trying to get in.

Loud music started to play, and the tut-tuts started to have a dance party.

Wadi broke up the dance party, Grixel deactivated his alarm, and things quieted down. In the morning, the party made their way to the location of the unknown person. They found a statue of a woman with a crystal embedded in her chest. Once the crystal was taken, the party was transported to another plane. Eight pedestals in the outline of a square, four of which acted as teleportation circles. And then appeared an angelic being by the name of Ahron, supposed foe of Wadi.



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