Session #2

Fight or Flight

Queso, Calembel, and Miri pursued Ava through the streets of Elrohda, gaining on her slowly. When she ducked into a building, they followed her inside. Ava was cornered, and turned to fight. She spawned fire minions to attack the team.

Meanwhile, Kilka and Nasr arrived at the burning refinery, but were blocked from entrance by a mysterious man in armor. Their attempts to intimidate or dissuade him were ultimately unsuccessful, and Kilka began the fight, covering for Nasr to go help those in the refinery. When he was injured and in trouble, the armored man, Thiel, summoned an armored sentinel.

Ava began her assault on the other party, attacking the team once her fire minions were quickly dealt with. After a while of battling, Brindol arrived on the scene and joined the fray against the party. Calembel managed to make the killing strike, reducing Ava to a pile of ash with a powerful blow.

Kilka and Nasr tried to retreat, and Kilka managed to knock Thiel unconscious. But one of Thiel’s slime minions gave its life force to him, reviving him, and the Sentinel used a hook attack to pull Kilka back to him. Kilka shouted to Nasr to continue his escape, pleading with him to take care of the orphans if she didn’t make it out. Nasr reluctantly conceded.

Back with the other three, Brindol let out a foreboding laugh before transforming into his ascended form. He downed Calembel and Queso simultaneously with a powerful burst before moving on to Miri, while Ava’s ashes began to reform. Though injured, Miri managed to escape.

Kilka attempted to move away from the sentinel, and though it attacked and injured her in the process, she managed to run away. Meeting again at the orphanage, Kilka and Nasr share a tearful reunion they had been unsure would ever happen.

Miri, gathering her courage, brought a healer to Queso and Calembel after Ava and Brindol left, and managed to save them. While Queso and Calembel recovered in the nearby barracks, Miri sent a letter to Kilka’s orphanage, inquiring about her and Nasr and giving their location.

As Kilka and Nasr were going to meet them, Thar’Gul arrived to give them a monetary reward for protecting his factories. Kilka and Nasr arrived at the barracks soon after to see the others, who had not yet fully recovered, but were healed and doing well. Kilka shared the money among them all before Thar’Gul showed up again, intending to offer them a slightly shady, tightly (and magically) binding job. Many changes to the contract were required, but they eventually agreed to enter one of Thar’Gul’s mines, defeat some mysterious aggressors, and recover a tetrahedron from its depths.

He also told them of a few interesting things to follow up on, including:

1. Investigate the corruption of water in a storage facility
2. Escort some goblin redeemers to a specific location
3. Help a university professor acquire some sort of relic
4. Investigate why children are going missing from a refinery


Thanks for putting this up Sam. Since I don’t have the time to take notes during the session, this helps refresh my memory and serves in planning the next session. If you feel so inspired, feel free to add a little input form your character’s POV. You could even try writing in character. As the official session recap writer, have some fun with it.

Session #2

Hey, I just now noticed this comment. :P

I had been thinking I didn’t want to give Nasr more attention than everyone else (an interesting challenge, seeing as I’m obviously more acutely aware of the details of my own involvement than that of others), but I kind of like the idea of writing these in character. I might need to try that next time. :D

Session #2

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