Session #14

The Skittering

As we went to exit the cave, we were surprised to see the hallway filled with a strange slime, with strange insect-like creatures tending to green orbs. As Froggie tried getting through the bugs with an unthreatening stance to dissuade them from attacking, we heard the giggling behind us, growing into a chorus of voices.

As Froggie got further through the room, the slime in the room made it hard for him to get through. But then he saw a strange bug blocking the entrance, with a golden head and chitin making it look well-protected. Miri tried camoflaging herself, making herself the same color as the egg-looking orbs, and the bugs picked her up and started trying to line her up with the others against the wall. Froggie was trying to keep them all calm, then turned into a swarm of frogs; but apparently the bugs wanted to eat all the little frogs, so things went kind of crazy.

We all attacked the bugs, and we managed to hurt them a bit before the chitin guy sprayed us all with acid. Russ killed one of the bugs, and thankfully, they all got really close together, and Froggie managed to hit them all with a crazy attack. Then the golden-head guy started trying to break open an egg, but Miri pushed him away from it. We kept fighting, but the chitin guy was really strong.

The whole time, the sounds of battle were getting closer from behind us, along with the sound of maniacal laughter. One of the voices sounded like Brindol, but there was also the crazed giggling of a young girl. The fighting was getting closer.

The golden head guy was refusing to die, and he cracked open one of the eggs on the wall. But thankfully, we managed to kill him before he could open it fully and let out whatever was inside.

We ran out of there, with Miri holding back a wave of energy long enough for us to get out of the cave. Then we collapsed the entrance and left. Once we got a ways away, there was a huge explosion of dirt and dust behind us. We kept going.

We got into town, and I went to Kilka’s orphanage to rest. Froggie went into town while Miri and Queso talked to Thar’Gul, and… well apparently it didn’t go too well. We got fired. But Queso started working on a presentation to get a grant from the university to go check it out, so we should hopefully still get paid for getting the Tetrahedron.



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