Session #13

The Deep

The whole ordeal in the cave is kind of a blur to me. I was not doing well. So know that this account was written later, with the help of my friends, as I was not personally very aware of what was going on.

We continued our way down, the glowing text on the walls throbbing with no detectable sense of rhythm. Miri sensed they were channeling arcane energy into the cave. We eventually came to a right turn with some orcs and goblins mining. Miri and Queso, heroic as ever, went in first to try to talk to them, posing as safety inspectors. Though Queso started talking (and was doing exceptionally well), Miri soon stepped in, checking everyone’s safety and riling up the goblins. They started up a rallying cry as Miri told them of their rights.

Froggie The King came in during her speech in hopes of making it more regal, and asked Snaggle what they were saying. As it turns out, they were cheering the words, “We should eat her.” Upon this revelation, Miri attempted to back out, and Queso heroically shoved one of the orcs into the pit in the center of the room. We attacked the orcs, and Miri rallied the goblins to our cause. It was a fairly short battle; one of the orcs began doing something magical with the runes on the wall, but we knocked him unconscious before he accomplished anything with it. We wanted to keep him alive for information, but the goblins, furious at their former masters, stabbed him to death. The other orc was knocked into the pit again, breaking his spine on the egg-like object located within.

It had been ticking during the battle, and now unfurled, revealing itself to be a mechanical being. The robotic thing asked for help out of the pit, and Queso (with his cape fluttering majestically behind him) jumped down to help him get out. It introduced itself as CR6713-2, but said we could call him Curly. He claimed to be made for the purpose of entertainment.

While all this was happening, Miri gave two gold coins each to the goblins, telling them of their freedom. Froggie The King offered to pay them for their services to him, but they decided to start their own guild in Ginko.

Miri and Queso, who was particularly sharp of wit and effective in his questioning, interrogated Curly, and discovered that his master, named Wadi, had recovered the tetrahedron earlier. His master was at his house. We debated whether to pursue the tetrahedron or return to Thar’Gul with the news that it had been relocated, but Queso, due to his immense intelligence, was able to learn the ritual the orc was trying to perform; it was an illusion dispel. He walked through the wall the orc was trying to reveal, and came across a strange and powerful beast with eight heads.

Curly explained that this beast had the tetrahedron in its possession, and Wadi had been bitten retrieving it. He had been acting strange afterward, so the bite was probably poisonous.

We saw a body in the back of the chamber, and I retrieved it, using my swiftcurrent to make sure I couldn’t be hit. Curly identified the body as Lucia, and through his confusion, came to the conclusion that her twin sister, Auron, must have left with Wadi in her place.

We decided to go back to Thar’Gul, having completed the contract, and hope he would send us off to try and retrieve the tetrahedron from Wadi. But on the way out, we heard the giggle of a young girl…

P.S. I hope that stupid Queso doesn’t edit this too much. He was always saying bad things about my writing when he was helping. Meanie.



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