Session #11

Call Heeded

Froggy’s spell knocked Casobaun down, but four wraiths were in the big room through the door! There was a super deep pit in the middle of the room, and two glowy glyphs on the sides. We fought the wraiths, but Casobaun dealt the final blow to one of them. When it died, a purple light came out of the wraith and entered him, and he fell down dead. I was kind of hoping to protect him, so that made me a little sad even though he wasn’t very nice.

But he got back up again! His eyes were all glowy, and he said something in a weird voice about how he would get the orb. I guess that’s what he was coming here to get before all this happened. He started attacking us, which I guess means we didn’t need to protect him anymore.

We weren’t in very good shape. I mean we didn’t even get to rest after the last battle. Froggy and I got surrounded real fast, and Queso couldn’t heal us all. Casobaun said something about how he would have freedom, still in that weird voice. He was definitely being controlled by someone else. Or probably some_thing_ else; he said something about eating me, too.

Froggy managed to kill two of the wraiths, but then they turned into light and went into him just like Casobaun! Some of us thought the glyphs might have something to do with what was happening, so even though I got knocked onto the glyph and kind of dazed, I tried hitting the glyph I was on reeeaaaally hard with my sword. It broke, and the light went away! But apparently Miri found a sphere, and it started pulsing.

Froggy attacked Queso, and hurt him pretty bad. Looks like those wraith lights took him over for a second, but he was back to normal after that. I tried to figure out what the glyphs meant to Casobaun, but I didn’t really find out anything useful, and Casobaun hit me real hard. I hit back pretty hard, too. _

But Casobaun attacked Queso, and he fell over! That made me really mad, but I was still on the ground and Casobaun had me trapped, so I couldn’t do anything. Miri kept shooting magic at the bad guys, and it helped too. But there was one wraith left, and Casobaun was hurt, but still fighting.

I guess Miri was quite desperate, because she tried to destroy the orb, and it shattered. A dark figure rose up, and in a female voice, she thanked Miri for letting her out. Miri refused her offer to join her, but then she possessed Froggy! Miri tried to stop him, and the evil woman spit and said Froggy was too disgusting, and belonged to someone else. Froggy came back, and the woman faded Casobaun away and started to leave.

She stopped over me, and said I was foolish to try and stop her. Said I had a lot to learn. Said we tried to stop her, but she would have her revenge. And she left.

After a while, Lord Carivol appeared. I told him to talk to Miri. He just said we’re inexperienced, and he should have warned us. After talking to him for a while, I got really mad and told him to help us. He wasn’t too happy about my attitude, but explained that Lumina was going to Hari’uk, and something about rousing the caustic front’s sleeper cells. But he also said we should stay out of it, so we don’t just make things worse. I got really mad. I wanted him to tell us how to fix this, since he didn’t help us here, but he said we should mind ourselves in the city until he lets us know about something we should do. Then he left.

Miri said she was sorry. For all the help that did. She and Froggy were getting along really well, but I just tried to keep from yelling at her.

Well, the lady was right. I do have a lot to learn. How to find and kill her is first on my list now.

The next morning, we found four Ifriti used by the mercenaries, and use them to get back to the city. Queso taught me how to drive, while Miri taught the King.

Back in the city, I… had to do something good. I scouted out factories. I want to break more kids out of those horrible factories. When we met up later, it looked like Froggy got some really nice clothes. Miri apparently went to see her family; I imagine it was awkward filling them in on how she released an ancient evil.

The next day we all went to the tavern, and Thar-Gul was there. Miri talked to him, and he said he was disappointed that we hadn’t completed his contract yet. He was being really mean. Miri dumped water on his head, and even though I’m still really, really mad at her, I couldn’t help but smile at that. I tried to tell him we would do it, and he should back off, but he insulted me too. And kind of Kilka, too. I wanted to punch him, but I didn’t. He gave us a week to do his job. So we left.

Hopefully there aren’t any ancient evils for Miri to set loose this time.



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