Session #10

Into the Wastes

We went waaaaaay far into the desert. I couldn’t even see the city anymore! Chilognatha is actually pretty cool, when he’s not eating me. We got there pretty fast.

It started to get really dark, and Casaubon seemed kinda’ nervous. He wanted to get there fast. He was scared of the people we were going to stop.

We kept going, even though I was really tired and didn’t like sitting on that bug for this long and wanted to stop and sleep for a bit, but we kept going anyway. We saw a fire, and it was a campfire! There were rocks around with symbols on them, and a cave nearby that seemed like it was just made. On a cliff face to the right, some guy was sitting there pointing a crossbow at us! Casaubon said they were the bad lady’s mercenaries. I didn’t want to fight him, ‘cause I was still tired. Queso tried to talk to him, but he got all mad and yelled at other guys to attack us! Queso is kind of dumb sometimes. _Don’t tell him I said that._

The guy with the crossbow got hit a bit, but then he started shooting at us. He said some mean things, too. Then some gnomes showed up. I’d never seen any gnomes before! They were cute, until they started shooting tons and tons of arrows at my froggy friend! Queso healed him, but the gnomes kept trying to kill him. I was mad at them, but I had to kill the other guys by the wall. They totally didn’t see me coming!

Miri and Froggy shot at the guy with the crossbow (except he had a weird gun now, it shot icy stuff at me and slowed me down), and Froggy got him real good! It took a while, and I had to run away a bit, but Miri shot her shiny magic at the bolter, and he fell over dead! Then Queso got really hurt, and I tried to save him, but the green fire blinded me again and I missed. Stupid green fire.

Froggy moved up to attack, but missed. Miri moved with her to protect her from the bad guys nearby; she hit the big nasty orc and the two other guys! She pushed one of them into the fire, and it screamed and burned. After Queso healed me a bit and moved up, I ran in and missed with blue fire. Stupid fire.

Froggy managed to hit the guys, and killed the one in front of him. Also hurt one of them by me really bad, so that helped. Miri finished him off, which helped even more, and she even got to hurt the orc that I had marked with my aegis. I hit him and went up to the gnomes so they wouldn’t hurt my friends, but they just surrounded me and hit me really, REALLY hard on the head.

It was black for a bit. I don’t know how long. I remember being woken up by Queso, but things were still fuzzy, and I guess the other bad guys were killed… the next thing I remember is the King holding a frozen frog against my forehead. I got kinda’ mad. I mean ew.

Casaubon was really anxious to get into the cave, so we kept going. There was a bunch of rubble blocking the path, though, so I looked over it. There were two halflings and an earthsoul genasi woman in there, looking real hard at a door with symbols on it. A halfling said he figured something out, and the door opened! We all started getting through the rubble, and they attacked us.

I was tired, but I wanted to help. Miri tried talking to them, but the mean lady wouldn’t listen. Before I could do anything, Froggy was attacked by the two halflings, but he also hit them, and killed one of them instantly! The other was hurt really badly. I tried to be as scary as possible so I could try to make the mean lady back down, but she seemed kind of cookoo and didn’t do it. Though Casaubon seemed a little crazy too… he was all yelling and stuff. Not whimpering all scared and stuff like before.

Then, the doors opened and two wraiths came through the door! They didn’t hurt us, but they tried. I moved past the mean lady and hit her with a fiery sword, but it wasn’t enough to bring her down. She tried to hit me and missed, but she did knock me down after that. It was kind of crazy after that, with me hitting the mean lady and Miri trying to talk to her, but it didn’t work. Queso got the wraiths off our backs too, which was nice. Miri tried one last time to talk to the mean lady, but she was still being crazy, and Miri killed her since she wouldn’t listen.

Causabon got all weird and excited about it, and I saw him put some sort of weird crystal in his pocket. Froggy saw it too, I guess, ‘cause he got all mad and convinced Causabon to show it to us. He said it showed him his destiny, but we couldn’t find out what that meant because we were trying not to die. We got the rest of the wraiths (I did a cool sword thing with my green fire, and that made me happy), and tried to get Causabon to tell us the truth. Miri took the crystal away, and it looked like she had seen a ghost or something (aside from the wraiths). I checked it for magic and saw that it had a bunch of memories in it, and could make other people see them. I asked Miri if it did anything, and she just said we should go look for the artifact. But she seemed… kind of… weird. She was excited. Casaboun ran through the doors, and she went after him. She was acting weird, and I didn’t know what that crystal did… it scared me, so I marked her with my aegis and, when she attacked Causabon, I teleported to her and tackled her, knocking the crystal out of her hand and holding her down. She relaxed, and Queso left the crystal on the ground while Froggy chased after Causabon into a big room with a big pit. I saw Froggy cast a spell at Causabon, but then I looked back down at Miri.

I’m kind of scared.



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