Memoirs of Miri Mohja: pg 9

Session #10 and #11

Started my day by throwing up on a giant millipede. If that’s any indication to the outcome of the rest of the day, I should have heeded it.

Casaubon was impatient, constantly pushing us forward despite our exhaustion. I knew there was something wrong. I should have spoke up, maybe I could have prevented all of what happened next.

We found the people Casaubon spoke of. Turns out they were all crazy lunatics, including Casaubon. I had to kill that stupid woman. I tried talking to her, reasoning with her multiple times, but she just wouldn’t back down. I just wanted to know the whole story. I could tell Casaubon wasn’t being truthful and I wanted to find out just what the hell we got ourselves into. There was something stirring in my gut, telling me we got ourselves in way over our heads into something bad.

After the fight was over, I grabbed the crystal Casaubon was trying so hard to hide. I saw riches, enough to help my family and propel us forward. Our business was safe, I was back in school, and Emere was preparing for the wedding. I felt an otherworldly pull to seek the artifact, like I wasn’t myself anymore.

Thank Thalath for Nasr! He tackled me and knocked the crystal from my hand. I was able to think clearly again, but I knew I had to stop Casaubon. I understood now why he was so desperate and crazy. We were nothing but tools for him to get what he desired. The thought made me so angry.

Stupid Casaubon! Led us right into another fight! We had no choice but to join. Casaubon turned on us halfway through, Queso dropped, and something was trying to control the King. Nasr was in a bad way with Casaubon and a wraith wailing on him. He was caught, and couldn’t gain his feet. He looked so helpless, I couldn’t stand the thought of him dying here like this. I didn’t know what to do. We weren’t going to win this one. I knew it in my gut. I I wouldn’t, couldn’t watch my friends die! Not after Kilka.

I had to do something, anything. I found the crystal orb in the well. I thought maybe whoever was in there would help us. I had no other choice. I broke it open. The woman was disgusting, she wanted me to join her and when I didn’t she took Casaubon and tried to take the King as well. I couldn’t let her take him. The King is my friend, and I wasn’t going to let him die, I wasn’t going to let anyone die!

I tried to rush to him, but I tripped and fell face first onto the dirty cave floor. I thought it was over. I thought the King was done for, but something about him upset the woman. She didn’t want him. I wanted to cry with joy!

She left. The battle was over and everyone was alive. I was relieved until Carivol showed up. Apparently, I unleashed a great evil on the world. I really screwed up. I’m ashamed and sorry, but most of all, I’m just happy that everyone is alive and safe.

Despite it all, we made it. The King was really nice to me despite my stupidity. It was nice to have a friend. Queso just seemed confused. I’m glad he wasn’t awake to see me screw up so royally. I really look up to him, and I would hate to have him disapprove of me. Nasr is angry with me, but I can deal with that. I’d rather him be alive and hate me than dead.



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