Session #15

Queso and Miri went into the office of Dean Moneypenny to try and convince her to fund the expedition. She would not make a decision until she had seen everyone, so the King and I had to go in as well. We tried to prove to her that we were capable, the expedition was worthwhile, and our bonds were strong, but she was not convinced. Unfortunately, she said she could not grant us the money.

The King tried to get funding from the Animal Science department, claiming they could follow him and study him, but the dean of the department just tried to kill him to dissect him. So that didn’t go well.

Queso asked for an intern, and Moneypenny told him a student named Milka could go with him. It was obvious she wanted Milka out of the college. When Queso visited her, she… well, she seems super ditzy to me. I don’t know if she’ll survive the first five minutes. But alright.

We decided to head to another college in Sai’ghuh, to try and get their support. Milka showed up late and didn’t want to get on the Leviathan, but Miri made her a potion to make her fall asleep. She drank it before even getting on the train (seriously, the first five minutes), and she fell and dropped her bag. She had more books than clothes. And I think, if Kilka were here, she would have turned my head away from some of the covers. Huh.

We stopped in Ginko (Queso got some rituals), and went on to Sai’ghuh. Milka woke up on the way, but she freaked out and The King bonked her on the head to put her back to sleep.

When we got to Sai’Ghuh, we were surprised to see the cleanliness and sterility of the place. The King and I stayed at the inn (for the best) while Miri and Kilka went to Dean Valur’s office at Sai’ghuh’s college. Thankfully, he was interested in the expedition, but asked that we take an associate of his, and give the Tetrahedron to him for another 500 gold.

Before agreeing, Queso wanted to meet this other person we would take with us, so we went to the tavern, where we were supposed to meet him. Eventually, a really gruff orc came in and sat at the bar. We brought him over to the table and he introduced himself as Kevgretor, our muscle for the trip. Queso got us all beers. I was excited to try it, but EW THAT WAS THE WORST THING I’VE EVER TASTED EW EW EWWWWWW

Queso got my mouthful of beer sprayed all over him. The King liked his though. Milka also drank… a lot.

The orc is mean. He made fun of me. I don’t like him.

The next day, Dean Valur looked over the contract, which Queso had changed to include an imperative inclusion of representatives from all the city-states in the Tetrahedron’s study, and he agreed to it. So we did some shopping with the funding and left.

The Personal Diary of a King: Entry 2
On Snaggle

My power and sway greatens with every day. Not long ago, I gained my very first loyal servant, the goblin Snaggle. Queso mentioned something about him being masochistic. A great king such as myself certainly understands this word, and will have no need to consult a dictionary at a later point to comprehend its meaning.

I may need to get a servant not quite so broken next time. Something to consider.

Session #14
The Skittering

As we went to exit the cave, we were surprised to see the hallway filled with a strange slime, with strange insect-like creatures tending to green orbs. As Froggie tried getting through the bugs with an unthreatening stance to dissuade them from attacking, we heard the giggling behind us, growing into a chorus of voices.

As Froggie got further through the room, the slime in the room made it hard for him to get through. But then he saw a strange bug blocking the entrance, with a golden head and chitin making it look well-protected. Miri tried camoflaging herself, making herself the same color as the egg-looking orbs, and the bugs picked her up and started trying to line her up with the others against the wall. Froggie was trying to keep them all calm, then turned into a swarm of frogs; but apparently the bugs wanted to eat all the little frogs, so things went kind of crazy.

We all attacked the bugs, and we managed to hurt them a bit before the chitin guy sprayed us all with acid. Russ killed one of the bugs, and thankfully, they all got really close together, and Froggie managed to hit them all with a crazy attack. Then the golden-head guy started trying to break open an egg, but Miri pushed him away from it. We kept fighting, but the chitin guy was really strong.

The whole time, the sounds of battle were getting closer from behind us, along with the sound of maniacal laughter. One of the voices sounded like Brindol, but there was also the crazed giggling of a young girl. The fighting was getting closer.

The golden head guy was refusing to die, and he cracked open one of the eggs on the wall. But thankfully, we managed to kill him before he could open it fully and let out whatever was inside.

We ran out of there, with Miri holding back a wave of energy long enough for us to get out of the cave. Then we collapsed the entrance and left. Once we got a ways away, there was a huge explosion of dirt and dust behind us. We kept going.

We got into town, and I went to Kilka’s orphanage to rest. Froggie went into town while Miri and Queso talked to Thar’Gul, and… well apparently it didn’t go too well. We got fired. But Queso started working on a presentation to get a grant from the university to go check it out, so we should hopefully still get paid for getting the Tetrahedron.

Session #13
The Deep

The whole ordeal in the cave is kind of a blur to me. I was not doing well. So know that this account was written later, with the help of my friends, as I was not personally very aware of what was going on.

We continued our way down, the glowing text on the walls throbbing with no detectable sense of rhythm. Miri sensed they were channeling arcane energy into the cave. We eventually came to a right turn with some orcs and goblins mining. Miri and Queso, heroic as ever, went in first to try to talk to them, posing as safety inspectors. Though Queso started talking (and was doing exceptionally well), Miri soon stepped in, checking everyone’s safety and riling up the goblins. They started up a rallying cry as Miri told them of their rights.

Froggie The King came in during her speech in hopes of making it more regal, and asked Snaggle what they were saying. As it turns out, they were cheering the words, “We should eat her.” Upon this revelation, Miri attempted to back out, and Queso heroically shoved one of the orcs into the pit in the center of the room. We attacked the orcs, and Miri rallied the goblins to our cause. It was a fairly short battle; one of the orcs began doing something magical with the runes on the wall, but we knocked him unconscious before he accomplished anything with it. We wanted to keep him alive for information, but the goblins, furious at their former masters, stabbed him to death. The other orc was knocked into the pit again, breaking his spine on the egg-like object located within.

It had been ticking during the battle, and now unfurled, revealing itself to be a mechanical being. The robotic thing asked for help out of the pit, and Queso (with his cape fluttering majestically behind him) jumped down to help him get out. It introduced itself as CR6713-2, but said we could call him Curly. He claimed to be made for the purpose of entertainment.

While all this was happening, Miri gave two gold coins each to the goblins, telling them of their freedom. Froggie The King offered to pay them for their services to him, but they decided to start their own guild in Ginko.

Miri and Queso, who was particularly sharp of wit and effective in his questioning, interrogated Curly, and discovered that his master, named Wadi, had recovered the tetrahedron earlier. His master was at his house. We debated whether to pursue the tetrahedron or return to Thar’Gul with the news that it had been relocated, but Queso, due to his immense intelligence, was able to learn the ritual the orc was trying to perform; it was an illusion dispel. He walked through the wall the orc was trying to reveal, and came across a strange and powerful beast with eight heads.

Curly explained that this beast had the tetrahedron in its possession, and Wadi had been bitten retrieving it. He had been acting strange afterward, so the bite was probably poisonous.

We saw a body in the back of the chamber, and I retrieved it, using my swiftcurrent to make sure I couldn’t be hit. Curly identified the body as Lucia, and through his confusion, came to the conclusion that her twin sister, Auron, must have left with Wadi in her place.

We decided to go back to Thar’Gul, having completed the contract, and hope he would send us off to try and retrieve the tetrahedron from Wadi. But on the way out, we heard the giggle of a young girl…

P.S. I hope that stupid Queso doesn’t edit this too much. He was always saying bad things about my writing when he was helping. Meanie.

Session #12
The Long Dark

We went into the desert, and ended up running into some goblins. They talk funny. I didn’t really understand it all, but they wanted to trade with us or something. Queso whipped out his shiny cloak, and they really, REALLY wanted it. One of them said I was small (which was rather ironic), and punched me, but I didn’t even flinch. Then Miri and Queso stood up for me, but I was doing fine anyway.

One of them challenged Queso to a duel, and he accepted, but after they were just being weird for a while Miri got upset and tried to scare them into behaving. One of them freaked out and got killed, though, and the goblins attacked.

Miri didn’t want to kill them, but they were attacking us, so we fought back. Then another one came up farther back from us and said he would destroy us. He was so tiny though, and his voice was so cute, I almost laughed at him.

Also, I totally killed five of them at once. With fire. I’m awesome. Miri killed a bunch of them in one attack later too. I’m still mad at her though.

The leader (whose name is apparently Biggles) started attacking us. But whenever we hit him, he started getting bigger!

One of the goblins begged Froggie for his life. Froggie was just happy to be treated like a king, I think, so he let him go.

It took me a while to realize we were fighting on a Leviathan track! The electric crystals started glowing, so I moved Biggles closer to the tracks and ran far away. Queso and Miri got away too, and the King was already out of the way. The Leviathan came by super fast, and it hit Biggles so hard he exploded into a billion pieces!

After the Leviathan passed, the goblin who had asked Froggie for mercy asked if he could come with us. Froggie accepted him as his squire. Though the goblin (named Snaggle) ended up gouging out one of his eyes for some reason. Guess he thought it would make Froggie happy, but of course he stopped him from hurting himself any more.

Aaaaaand now we have a goblin squire around. I’m sure he won’t get annoying.

Anyway, we cleaned ourselves off and got back onto our Ifriti. Froggie was having trouble controlling Snaggle though.

We got to the mine, and the orc guards there let us in once Miri told them we were sent by Thar’Gul. The guards had weird names I couldn’t pronounce. But Froggie and I noticed they didn’t have any feet. So that was weird.

Turns out, they were two witches in disguise. They talked weird, but said they might let us through if we show them our contract with Thar’Gul. After taking a look at it, they said some cryptic things about how we were going places. It was annoying, but they let us through. As they were leaving though, one of them changed form, and looked… really pretty. Like a genasi, but without the markings, and all pale. She was really, really pretty. Then they disappeared.

We went into the cave, and there was weird writing on the walls. None of us knew the language. But the words started glowing when we went further in, just reacting to Miri and I because of our magic. After a while we got into a big room. There was a weird magic circle in the middle, and weird chanting coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Queso was really unsettled.

I tried to figure out what the magic circle was for, and… it wanted me to go back. To when things seemed easy. To when I could just follow Kilka, and let my life be simple. I wanted it really bad. But I think this is how Miri must have felt when she had that crystal. I pulled away.

I tried to warn the others, but Froggie thought I was talking about adolescence or something. It was kind of awkward.

I tried to pass by, then… I was back in the orphanage. It was like a dream, kind of, but it felt real. It felt warm. It felt like home. I knew it wasn’t real, but… it seemed like it. And I wanted it to be. It had to be. I felt my legs moving away from the glyph, but then I looked back. It wasn’t a glyph! It had never been! It was the entrance to the orphanage. Kilka was there. She looked hurt. Confused. Why had I been running away from her? Why was I trying to get away from her? I missed her. I loved her. I ran to her.

But no, something grabbed my arms. They were awful. They looked empty. Sad. It wasn’t darkness, it was just complete nothingness. The opposite of what I wanted. I ran toward Kilka, trying to break free. She smiled at me. She knew I was coming back. She knew I loved her back. She opened her arms. I wanted to run into them, to feel her embrace again, and hug her back. I started crying. I wanted so bad to see her again.

A shadow walked up behind her. She didn’t notice. The shadow drew a sword. She didn’t know! She would be killed! That couldn’t happen again! Not again! I screamed.

I heard something. I don’t know, what, but… it came from the nothingness. It sounded concerned. I don’t know how, but… it’s like it was scared for me. Like it cared about me. It gave me pause. I kept watching Kilka, but I stopped resisting. For a second. This seemed… wrong.

But… no. Even if it was wrong, it was better. It was more real. It was everything I’d loved, everything I had before the world all went to hell. Before Kilka died. It was everything I wanted, and it was so real. I wanted it. I pulled. I pulled with all my might, and those stupid nothings finally started to give. In spite of myself, in spite of my fear, I smiled. I was going to be with her again.

Then it was all pain. My cheek exploded in a sharp, sudden pain, more than I had ever felt before. And suddenly it wasn’t as real anymore. It seemed unfinished, incomplete. I was… in a cave. Was… was Kilka real? What was—

An impact pounded against my face, and for a second, it felt like I was falling into nothingness. But as darkness swallowed me, I found myself on the ground. The cold, stone ground, with a stone ceiling above me and walls with glowing words around me. Right. This was real. This dark, sad world. This world without Kilka. Still without Kilka.

And as we continued in, the writing on the walls still glowed at us. And we felt like we were being watched. Like we were being followed. Like we were being mocked.

Memoirs of Miri Mohja: pg 9
Session #10 and #11

Started my day by throwing up on a giant millipede. If that’s any indication to the outcome of the rest of the day, I should have heeded it.

Casaubon was impatient, constantly pushing us forward despite our exhaustion. I knew there was something wrong. I should have spoke up, maybe I could have prevented all of what happened next.

We found the people Casaubon spoke of. Turns out they were all crazy lunatics, including Casaubon. I had to kill that stupid woman. I tried talking to her, reasoning with her multiple times, but she just wouldn’t back down. I just wanted to know the whole story. I could tell Casaubon wasn’t being truthful and I wanted to find out just what the hell we got ourselves into. There was something stirring in my gut, telling me we got ourselves in way over our heads into something bad.

After the fight was over, I grabbed the crystal Casaubon was trying so hard to hide. I saw riches, enough to help my family and propel us forward. Our business was safe, I was back in school, and Emere was preparing for the wedding. I felt an otherworldly pull to seek the artifact, like I wasn’t myself anymore.

Thank Thalath for Nasr! He tackled me and knocked the crystal from my hand. I was able to think clearly again, but I knew I had to stop Casaubon. I understood now why he was so desperate and crazy. We were nothing but tools for him to get what he desired. The thought made me so angry.

Stupid Casaubon! Led us right into another fight! We had no choice but to join. Casaubon turned on us halfway through, Queso dropped, and something was trying to control the King. Nasr was in a bad way with Casaubon and a wraith wailing on him. He was caught, and couldn’t gain his feet. He looked so helpless, I couldn’t stand the thought of him dying here like this. I didn’t know what to do. We weren’t going to win this one. I knew it in my gut. I I wouldn’t, couldn’t watch my friends die! Not after Kilka.

I had to do something, anything. I found the crystal orb in the well. I thought maybe whoever was in there would help us. I had no other choice. I broke it open. The woman was disgusting, she wanted me to join her and when I didn’t she took Casaubon and tried to take the King as well. I couldn’t let her take him. The King is my friend, and I wasn’t going to let him die, I wasn’t going to let anyone die!

I tried to rush to him, but I tripped and fell face first onto the dirty cave floor. I thought it was over. I thought the King was done for, but something about him upset the woman. She didn’t want him. I wanted to cry with joy!

She left. The battle was over and everyone was alive. I was relieved until Carivol showed up. Apparently, I unleashed a great evil on the world. I really screwed up. I’m ashamed and sorry, but most of all, I’m just happy that everyone is alive and safe.

Despite it all, we made it. The King was really nice to me despite my stupidity. It was nice to have a friend. Queso just seemed confused. I’m glad he wasn’t awake to see me screw up so royally. I really look up to him, and I would hate to have him disapprove of me. Nasr is angry with me, but I can deal with that. I’d rather him be alive and hate me than dead.

Letters to Kilka
Trust Issues (Session 11)

Dear Kilka,

I guess I didn’t know how much I relied on you until you were gone. Even when we signed that contract with Thar-Gul, I only did it because you did, and said it was alright.

But you’re not here now. And even though I thought I was in good company, I don’t know if I can trust them anymore.

I guess you never met The King. He’s this weird frog. I was mad at him a lot at first, but I think I was just angry about you dying. He’s alright.

Queso is… well I still don’t know what to think of him.

But I thought I could trust Miri. She cared for me a lot when you died. She helped me a lot. She was really nice and helped me be okay after you were gone. She even put you in a big block of ice so we could take you back home when we were done.

But now she did something bad. Some weird thing, a crazy demon lady or something, is set free. And she did it. I don’t know if she was just stupid, or if that crystal she picked up was still controlling her, or what, but… I can’t trust her. Not anymore. Since you left, I can’t really trust anyone.

I need to do things on my own. But what scares me is that I thought I always was, and now that you’re gone… I just don’t know how.

Session #11
Call Heeded

Froggy’s spell knocked Casobaun down, but four wraiths were in the big room through the door! There was a super deep pit in the middle of the room, and two glowy glyphs on the sides. We fought the wraiths, but Casobaun dealt the final blow to one of them. When it died, a purple light came out of the wraith and entered him, and he fell down dead. I was kind of hoping to protect him, so that made me a little sad even though he wasn’t very nice.

But he got back up again! His eyes were all glowy, and he said something in a weird voice about how he would get the orb. I guess that’s what he was coming here to get before all this happened. He started attacking us, which I guess means we didn’t need to protect him anymore.

We weren’t in very good shape. I mean we didn’t even get to rest after the last battle. Froggy and I got surrounded real fast, and Queso couldn’t heal us all. Casobaun said something about how he would have freedom, still in that weird voice. He was definitely being controlled by someone else. Or probably some_thing_ else; he said something about eating me, too.

Froggy managed to kill two of the wraiths, but then they turned into light and went into him just like Casobaun! Some of us thought the glyphs might have something to do with what was happening, so even though I got knocked onto the glyph and kind of dazed, I tried hitting the glyph I was on reeeaaaally hard with my sword. It broke, and the light went away! But apparently Miri found a sphere, and it started pulsing.

Froggy attacked Queso, and hurt him pretty bad. Looks like those wraith lights took him over for a second, but he was back to normal after that. I tried to figure out what the glyphs meant to Casobaun, but I didn’t really find out anything useful, and Casobaun hit me real hard. I hit back pretty hard, too. _

But Casobaun attacked Queso, and he fell over! That made me really mad, but I was still on the ground and Casobaun had me trapped, so I couldn’t do anything. Miri kept shooting magic at the bad guys, and it helped too. But there was one wraith left, and Casobaun was hurt, but still fighting.

I guess Miri was quite desperate, because she tried to destroy the orb, and it shattered. A dark figure rose up, and in a female voice, she thanked Miri for letting her out. Miri refused her offer to join her, but then she possessed Froggy! Miri tried to stop him, and the evil woman spit and said Froggy was too disgusting, and belonged to someone else. Froggy came back, and the woman faded Casobaun away and started to leave.

She stopped over me, and said I was foolish to try and stop her. Said I had a lot to learn. Said we tried to stop her, but she would have her revenge. And she left.

After a while, Lord Carivol appeared. I told him to talk to Miri. He just said we’re inexperienced, and he should have warned us. After talking to him for a while, I got really mad and told him to help us. He wasn’t too happy about my attitude, but explained that Lumina was going to Hari’uk, and something about rousing the caustic front’s sleeper cells. But he also said we should stay out of it, so we don’t just make things worse. I got really mad. I wanted him to tell us how to fix this, since he didn’t help us here, but he said we should mind ourselves in the city until he lets us know about something we should do. Then he left.

Miri said she was sorry. For all the help that did. She and Froggy were getting along really well, but I just tried to keep from yelling at her.

Well, the lady was right. I do have a lot to learn. How to find and kill her is first on my list now.

The next morning, we found four Ifriti used by the mercenaries, and use them to get back to the city. Queso taught me how to drive, while Miri taught the King.

Back in the city, I… had to do something good. I scouted out factories. I want to break more kids out of those horrible factories. When we met up later, it looked like Froggy got some really nice clothes. Miri apparently went to see her family; I imagine it was awkward filling them in on how she released an ancient evil.

The next day we all went to the tavern, and Thar-Gul was there. Miri talked to him, and he said he was disappointed that we hadn’t completed his contract yet. He was being really mean. Miri dumped water on his head, and even though I’m still really, really mad at her, I couldn’t help but smile at that. I tried to tell him we would do it, and he should back off, but he insulted me too. And kind of Kilka, too. I wanted to punch him, but I didn’t. He gave us a week to do his job. So we left.

Hopefully there aren’t any ancient evils for Miri to set loose this time.

The Personal Diary of a King
excerpts from session 10

Dear diary,

The attempts to woo a queen have shown real progress. My inescapable charm has finally softened her towards me. I’m pretty sure that any day now she can look at me without throwing up.

Baby steps.

Me. The King.

Session #10
Into the Wastes

We went waaaaaay far into the desert. I couldn’t even see the city anymore! Chilognatha is actually pretty cool, when he’s not eating me. We got there pretty fast.

It started to get really dark, and Casaubon seemed kinda’ nervous. He wanted to get there fast. He was scared of the people we were going to stop.

We kept going, even though I was really tired and didn’t like sitting on that bug for this long and wanted to stop and sleep for a bit, but we kept going anyway. We saw a fire, and it was a campfire! There were rocks around with symbols on them, and a cave nearby that seemed like it was just made. On a cliff face to the right, some guy was sitting there pointing a crossbow at us! Casaubon said they were the bad lady’s mercenaries. I didn’t want to fight him, ‘cause I was still tired. Queso tried to talk to him, but he got all mad and yelled at other guys to attack us! Queso is kind of dumb sometimes. _Don’t tell him I said that._

The guy with the crossbow got hit a bit, but then he started shooting at us. He said some mean things, too. Then some gnomes showed up. I’d never seen any gnomes before! They were cute, until they started shooting tons and tons of arrows at my froggy friend! Queso healed him, but the gnomes kept trying to kill him. I was mad at them, but I had to kill the other guys by the wall. They totally didn’t see me coming!

Miri and Froggy shot at the guy with the crossbow (except he had a weird gun now, it shot icy stuff at me and slowed me down), and Froggy got him real good! It took a while, and I had to run away a bit, but Miri shot her shiny magic at the bolter, and he fell over dead! Then Queso got really hurt, and I tried to save him, but the green fire blinded me again and I missed. Stupid green fire.

Froggy moved up to attack, but missed. Miri moved with her to protect her from the bad guys nearby; she hit the big nasty orc and the two other guys! She pushed one of them into the fire, and it screamed and burned. After Queso healed me a bit and moved up, I ran in and missed with blue fire. Stupid fire.

Froggy managed to hit the guys, and killed the one in front of him. Also hurt one of them by me really bad, so that helped. Miri finished him off, which helped even more, and she even got to hurt the orc that I had marked with my aegis. I hit him and went up to the gnomes so they wouldn’t hurt my friends, but they just surrounded me and hit me really, REALLY hard on the head.

It was black for a bit. I don’t know how long. I remember being woken up by Queso, but things were still fuzzy, and I guess the other bad guys were killed… the next thing I remember is the King holding a frozen frog against my forehead. I got kinda’ mad. I mean ew.

Casaubon was really anxious to get into the cave, so we kept going. There was a bunch of rubble blocking the path, though, so I looked over it. There were two halflings and an earthsoul genasi woman in there, looking real hard at a door with symbols on it. A halfling said he figured something out, and the door opened! We all started getting through the rubble, and they attacked us.

I was tired, but I wanted to help. Miri tried talking to them, but the mean lady wouldn’t listen. Before I could do anything, Froggy was attacked by the two halflings, but he also hit them, and killed one of them instantly! The other was hurt really badly. I tried to be as scary as possible so I could try to make the mean lady back down, but she seemed kind of cookoo and didn’t do it. Though Casaubon seemed a little crazy too… he was all yelling and stuff. Not whimpering all scared and stuff like before.

Then, the doors opened and two wraiths came through the door! They didn’t hurt us, but they tried. I moved past the mean lady and hit her with a fiery sword, but it wasn’t enough to bring her down. She tried to hit me and missed, but she did knock me down after that. It was kind of crazy after that, with me hitting the mean lady and Miri trying to talk to her, but it didn’t work. Queso got the wraiths off our backs too, which was nice. Miri tried one last time to talk to the mean lady, but she was still being crazy, and Miri killed her since she wouldn’t listen.

Causabon got all weird and excited about it, and I saw him put some sort of weird crystal in his pocket. Froggy saw it too, I guess, ‘cause he got all mad and convinced Causabon to show it to us. He said it showed him his destiny, but we couldn’t find out what that meant because we were trying not to die. We got the rest of the wraiths (I did a cool sword thing with my green fire, and that made me happy), and tried to get Causabon to tell us the truth. Miri took the crystal away, and it looked like she had seen a ghost or something (aside from the wraiths). I checked it for magic and saw that it had a bunch of memories in it, and could make other people see them. I asked Miri if it did anything, and she just said we should go look for the artifact. But she seemed… kind of… weird. She was excited. Casaboun ran through the doors, and she went after him. She was acting weird, and I didn’t know what that crystal did… it scared me, so I marked her with my aegis and, when she attacked Causabon, I teleported to her and tackled her, knocking the crystal out of her hand and holding her down. She relaxed, and Queso left the crystal on the ground while Froggy chased after Causabon into a big room with a big pit. I saw Froggy cast a spell at Causabon, but then I looked back down at Miri.

I’m kind of scared.


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